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Non-Diet Your Way to Health with These Apps

Allison Kugel

Technology is finally catching up to what I have instinctively known – dieting doesn’t work. I’ve always been one of those “naturally thin” people who never diets, eats what I want and has a lot of yo-yo dieters scratching their heads in disbelief and irritation. Why? Because since my teenage years and into my forties, I have always known that diets don’t work and deprivation is definitely not for me.

What I do know is that a balanced life filled with lots of nourishing foods and an active lifestyle does work; it works forever, not just for a few weeks or months. I’ve been an amused spectator as more diet fads than I can count have come, and then gone the way of the Macarena (circa 1996 in case you missed it). Sugar Busters, The Zone, Atkins, The Cabbage Soup Diet, the All Fruit Diet, the No Fat Diet… the list is endless.

Finally, there are apps that agree with me. They have been hailed “Next Gen” weight loss apps, because they thumb their nose at traditional dieting. They tout the philosophy that health and fitness are not about food, but are actually about… wait for it… mood, and that a little education and self-awareness goes a long way.

Why do we eat? When do we eat? How do we eat? Here are some great apps that can help you to answer these questions for yourself and get you on the right track towards lasting lifestyle changes.

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