Success Story: Karen

Kayla Reynolds, MS

Every time I went to the doctor, for my annual physical, she always suggested I should lose some weight, as I was borderline high cholesterol.  Every year, I’d tell her I don’t want to go on any pills and I’ll lose a few pounds, which never happened.  Until this year.  

With her 50th birthday fast approaching, Karen was finally motivated to make a change. Like most women that stumble upon Noom, Karen had years of experience yo-yo dieting.

I was a typical woman — I’d start dieting on Monday and by Wednesday, I’d fall off the wagon and start back up again on Monday.  I was an “all-or-nothing” person.  If I didn’t see results right away, I’d move on to something different.  I tried Weight Watchers, Beachbody, Isagenix, Yoli, the Atkins Diet, the cabbage soup diet, the egg fast diet, Beyond Diet, and countless others.  I’d lose some initial weight on most of the diets I tried, but I couldn’t sustain the calorie restriction, or life got in the way, or some other excuse. I have spent so much senseless money on diet books, magazines at the checkout counter, and shakes, that are of no use to me anymore, now that I’ve found NOOM!  NOOM is different.

How so?

It’s a simple to use app, that teaches you new skills and helps you form new habits that you incorporate into your life, at your own pace.

Karen loved how Noom kept her accountable, especially working with a 1:1 coach.

I honestly think that working with my coach, Kerry, has been the most influential in all of this. I love having my coach in my back pocket, literally. 

She also loved Coach Kerry’s insight and guidance, and how the program helped her focus on all aspects of her health and well-being.

My plate is really full these days as I’m juggling two jobs, a hubby, a house, a couple of flown-the-coop kids, workouts, meal planning, etc, and I was trying to workout every day before my day job and it was exhausting. Kerry suggested I sleep in occasionally and not feel bad about it, and this has done wonders for my attitude and overall well-being.  I know exactly how much sleep I need to be able to function every day.  I never realized how important sleep is until I actually got some and woke up refreshed and ready to face life’s challenges as they are thrown my way.

Karen also loved being able to turn to her group for motivation, support or a helping hand 24/7.

It’s a great feeling to be in a safe environment, where I never felt judged.  I really appreciated getting guidance from like-minded people going through the same experiences.  

In just 16 weeks, Karen lost 25lbs., dropped a dress and pant size, and is now at a healthy BMI.

For the first time in over 20 years, I’m finally at a healthy BMI. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I was actually excited to step on the scale at my annual physical this year! And the smile on my doctor’s face, when she read my weight loss numbers from my last doctor’s visit to the current one, was priceless! That was my first big goal and I am so proud of myself for achieving it.  It didn’t happen overnight, but with the help of my coach, Kerry and my support system, I’ve accomplished this.              

In addition to weight loss, Karen couldn’t stress the other positive changes she’s experienced enough. Her sleep has improved, she has more energy, her mind is more focused on tasks at hand, she is much more confident, and she simply feels like a better person. Finally, she laughed as she called herself an exerciser now:

How strange, as I’ve never thought I’d get to this point in my life.

Most importantly, Karen has changed her habits.

I’ve acquired so many healthy habits from NOOM. I’m pretty picky about what I eat and drink now, and I’m a label reader and proud of it! I try to incorporate some form of exercise into my daily routine. When going out to eat, I try to look at a menu prior as it makes peer pressure less prevalent if you know what you plan to order.  When attending a family function or a work potluck, I’ll bring a dish or two to share that I know what the ingredients are, and I’ll feel confident knowing that I am staying on track and making good choices.

There must be a catch?!

Don’t get me wrong, I occasionally eat something unhealthy, but one or two bad meals are not going to derail my progress or focus. I CAN have both. It’s all about balance, self-discipline and moderation!      

What helped Karen turn her dreams into a reality was Noom’s structure, breaking down her big goals into small, achievable milestones, and shifting her mentality towards embracing a new lifestyle. This allowed her to develop the skills she needs to make healthier choices for the long-run.

I’d say the most valuable aspect I’ve gained from NOOM, is the knowledge I’ve acquired to make mindful, daily choices.  As I’ve changed my unhealthy habits, my focus has shifted to a healthier lifestyle, which in turn has changed my husband’s thoughts and habits too.  We eat more vegetables, fruits, and salads with almost every meal, and we’ve changed the way we cook our food, less frying/deep frying, and more baked, grilled and tin-foil packets. It’s been a rewarding process to have the tools necessary to make solid decisions and just knowing that we are fueling our bodies and not just feeding them bags of chips, candy & soda.

When we asked Karen if she had anything else she wanted to share, her words truly embodied Noom’s mission:

This has been such a positive, rewarding experience.  I’ve learned skills that will last me a lifetime and am overjoyed that I stumbled on to NOOM.  I’m wholeheartedly loving my new lifestyle and honestly, it shows.  My only regret, I wish I would have found NOOM 30 years ago.  What a treasure-trove of information to be able to utilize your whole life and pass on to your young children about nutrition and healthy habits. It’s all about balance, self-discipline and moderation!      

Congratulations on all of your success, Karen! We look forward to continuing to be a part of your incredible journey.

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4 thoughts on “Success Story: Karen”

  1. Heidi Krogstad Eckerman says:

    Congratulations Karen on your success of weight loss and all the positive accomplishments that you have changed in your life with the help of Noom. Your story is an inspiration to all of us that have this daily struggle to start making positive changes in our life.

  2. Louise Moulding says:

    This is so inspiring. Congratulations Karen! I’m just finishing 16 weeks and have felt a little flat about moving forward. This is just what I needed to read to keep going.

  3. Helena Alicia says:

    It is great to hear (read) positive, successful stories. It almost sounds like me. I have been on NOOM for almost 7 weeks now. And having a group to share with and hold you accountable helps keep me going too. Starting an exercise regimen was also instigated by Noom and it goes hand in hand with this. The best thing is how healthy one feels. Thanks for witnessing your journey. The only thing I wish Noom would do, is make it accessible online – through the computer. Its easier to type and doesn’t drain my battery.

  4. Irmela Johnston says:

    Well done Karen! It’s so encouraging.

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