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The Trend of Medical Apps and Websites

Hafsa Akbar Ali

Such Mobile apps are developed and they are improving the health. Besides that, the health care providers must approve the app and it must be user-friendly and helpful for the target disease.

Guidance on evaluating the medical and health app:

A global exposure of mobile health technology and health applications gives a new chance to create the way health care is managed and provided.

A health app is a piece of software that provides the information, advice, and feedback on fitness, health, and the well being. Therefore, it can also be downloaded on any smartphone and the mobile device.

Apps are very helpful as it can help maintain the strength, wellness and as well as assist with self-management and symptoms control of long-term conditions like diabetics, cardiovascular disease, and chronic lung disease.

There are many medical apps available on the smartphone. Besides that, it’s hard to determine that which one to recommend to use. Clinicians are often asked how efficient different apps are.

It basically focuses on two areas:

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