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CNN Review | Meet Noom: The revolutionary health and wellness program you have to try

By: Anna Hecht, CNN Underscored
Originally published April 5, 2019

So many people are against asking for help. But, why? Even top-performing CEOs and professionals often credit their success to the help of others. Simply put, successful people rarely do it alone. So, why should you?

Noom, a lifestyle and wellness program, wants to be sure you don’t go it alone. It’s specifically designed to allow you to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle — and reach your goals. Given how difficult it can be to lose weight and get fit, it’s no wonder a majority of U.S. citizens are either obese or overweight. That’s why Noom is here to help, so that you have better odds of remaining on the other side of that statistic.

What makes Noom different?

Given the vast number of food trackers, step counters and fitness “fixes” on the market, you may be wondering what makes Noom worth your money. I tested the program to ensure that it really does what it promises. (Spoiler alert: It does.) Here, we’ll walk through Noom’s many features and tell you what to expect.

At its core, Noom believes that living a healthier lifestyle should be easy and enjoyable. I saw this play out in two ways. First, the program is user-friendly and the support I received from my assigned goal specialist, was top notch. The big game changer (and major differentiator that sets Noom apart from its competitors) is the support I received. A Noom user receives messages from his or her specialist via a messenger chat. With that kind of support, it’s basically like having a virtual trainer or advisor to help keep you on track and hold you accountable.

When you sign up, Noom takes you through a series of questions to better understand your goals, determine your level of activity and find out about any conditions that could impact your progress. Next, it’s time to design “Your Big Picture,” or your “YBP,” as Noom calls it. This YBP is made up of three parts:

1. Your Super Goal
2. Your Ultimate Why
3. How Your Life Will Be Different

Let’s walk through each of these…

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