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Noom Review: Mindful With Mal

I am the QUEEN of starting a new workout routine and doing great for 3 days and then forgetting about it. Finding time and motivation to exercise has proven itself to be difficult for me. 

The trendy diets that have come out over the years have never interested me. If I choose healthy foods most of the time that is good enough for me. Exercising is another issue. No matter what I did I could not consistently exercise. It was never on the forefront of my mind and I just couldn’t figure it out.

Heart disease is prevalent in my family, so it is important that I do activities to maintain a healthy heart. I knew I needed to start some sort of consistent fitness routine while I was still young. Finding motivation is something I needed in order to stay on track. I was lucky I found Noomto give me that motivation.

Noom is a company that focuses on behavioral change to help their customers lose weight and meet fitness goals. I wasn’t trying to lose a ton of weight, but it really helped me to change the way I think about exercise and adding it into my daily routine. 

Check out my thoughts to get more of an idea of how the Noom process works.

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