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Why the Noom diet is proven to help people lose weight

BY Madeline Kennedy 

The Noom diet is a modern approach to dieting that uses a phone app to connect you to a supportive network. Rather than a quick fix, the app tries to change users’ behavior over the long term. The Noom diet is safe for anyone to try and even has special programs for diabetes and bariatric surgery.

How the Noom diet came to be

The Noom app was created in 2008 by Saeju Jeong and Artem Petakov. According to the company website, the Noom diet was developed with an emphasis on psychology as much as nutrition.

It is not a prescribed diet in the sense that it doesn’t restrict you to a certain type or amount of food. Rather it’s a way to plan meals and change behavior with the support of a group.

Personal coaching and group support are key to Noom

If you’re trying Noom to lose weight, then after downloading and launching the app you’ll create a weight-loss plan, where you’ll provide personal information including your weight-loss goals, activity levels, and location. 

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