Former Uber executive: “We are at a true juncture in healthcare”

by | Apr 26, 2018

There could be major changes underway in the global healthcare industry, according to a former Uber executive who has joined the board of one the companies that could bring about these changes. “I think the world’s next game-changing healthcare companies are being built right now,” he says in an interview with MedWatch.

New technological advances are about to transform the global healthcare industry as we know it, says the US-based advisor and entrepreneur Aaron Schildkrout.

“I believe we are at a true juncture in healthcare, in which we are just at the beginning of seeing how deep technology companies are driving what is going to be a very disruptive cycle. One that is reminiscent of cycles we have seen in many other spaces,” he says in an interview with MedWatch, adding:

“And because healthcare is so big and so complicated with so many entrenched players and systems, it’s happening more slowly than in other spaces. But in my opinion it is absolutely happening and it’s going to be radically transformative to the entire space.”

Aaron Schildkrout knows a thing or two about disruption of huge and highly entrenched industries. From the beginning of 2015 until early 2018 he was an executive for the transportation company Uber with shifting responsibilities for data, global growth and marketing, rider product, and driver product.

Prior to that, he co-founded the company behind dating app HowAboutWe in 2009 and worked as CEO for the company until 2014 when it was sold to IAC, the company behind and Tinder.

He believes that these types of tech-focused and online and mobile-based companies are bound to also bring about drastic changes in several aspects of the healthcare industry in years to come.

“I think the world’s next game-changing healthcare companies are being built right now by small teams of highly technical and relentlessly innovative entrepreneurs,” says the former Uber executive.

On the board of obesity and diabetes player

After leaving his position with Uber earlier this year, Aaron Schildkrout has worked as an advisor for a number of startups in various industries, and he has also joined the boards of two of these. The first is Jump Bikes, an electric bicycle sharing system, which has also teamed up with Uber, and the company Noom, which is staking out a new path in the healthcare space.

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