Get a 2-Week Trial of One of the Most Googled Diets of 2018

by | Jan 15, 2019

We aren’t certain we can all agree on much these days, but it’s clear one thing is for certain: Gone are the days of dieting. The latest craze sweeping the nation? Lifestyle changes. Yes, you read that right, lifestyle changes. Between online gym, food subscription boxes, and apps, it seems the old-fashioned way has been upgraded. Beyonce Opens a New Window. and Jay-Z Opens a New Window.were clearly on to something when they said, “Let me upgrade ya.”

Sure, 2018 seemed to be the unofficial “year of Keto,” but according to Google TrendsOpens a New Window., another diet was just nipping at its heels: Noom. We can confidently say that 2019 will undoubtedly be the “year of Noom Opens a New Window.,” which is a great excuse to take advantage of the two-week trial!

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