Get Fit, Get Shredded, Get Happy—12 Ways to Get Motivated for the New Year

by | Dec 28, 2018

After the holidays, getting back into the health and fitness swing is difficult—especially when the gym is packed, the days are depressingly short, and in the dead of winter your body’s usually covered up by layers anyway.

But thanks to some great at-home workout plans, meal kit delivery services, and nutrition guides, getting your body back in shape after the holidays is easier than you’d think. You don’t even necessarily have to go to the gym; getting back in the groove of fitness, healthy eating, and positive energy is really just a matter of finding motivation.

If our 17 Most Impressive Body Transformations of 2018Opens a New Window. wasn’t enough, we’ve dug up a ton of other ways to help you focus on getting your body back where it needs to be—because once summer comes, it’s gonna be too late.

Here are 12 ways to make your quest for wellness that much easier in the new year.

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