Healthcare’s Wearable Future

by | May 11, 2017

Healthcare is one of America’s fastest-growing industries. A rising interest in value-based care — which rewards providers for actually keeping patients healthy rather than just running tests — has drawn much attention to the field of wearable devices. Wearables developed by companies like FitBit, Apple, and Samsung can continually monitor biometric data, such as walking distance or heart rate. As the field expands, it is likely that wearables will incorporate more advanced sensors that will have them behave more like medical devices, monitoring more complex things like blood sugar levels.

Motley Fool Explorer took a closer look at wearable devices in its April Exploration, which it titled Health Care’s Tech Checkup. In the following interview, Explorer lead advisor Simon Erickson interviews Adam Fawer, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Noom. Noom is a wearable device company that uses data to help more than 45 million people live healthier lifestyles.

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