Healthy Living: Noom [VIDEO]

by | Dec 24, 2019

by: Amanda Peterson

For those with goals of living a healthier lifestyle in 2020, the app Noom may provide the support needed to succeed.

Noom, a lifestyle and behavior change app, was founded in 2008.

The app integrates technology with human coaching to provide users the information, accountability and empathetic support needed to reach their goals.

Trish Turo, Noom Health Coach

Trish Turo is one of the app’s remote coaches. She lives in Mechanicsburg but is able to work online or on her phone to support users all over the country.

“I support users with setting health goals and hold them accountable,” says Turo. “We really create an environment for people to work towards the goals they feel are most important to them and support them in any way that we can.”

Turo logs online or on her app to respond to users in forums or communicate one-on-one with users about their goals.

Goals can range from eating more vegetables to completing a 5K race. The app tailors its program to each individual user’s unique wants and needs.

“When you sign up for the app, you start with a psychological curriculum and you’ll have daily tasks. From logging your food or reading an article that touches on emotional eating, you’re setting goals and your goal specialist is working with you to reach them at a pace that’s best for you,” says Turo.

Each Noom user has a team of coaches or a group forum to rely on.

“Being a part of our Noom community is hugely important because they have people they can connect with and talk with at any time,” says Turo.

“Their goal specialist helps hold them accountable and it provides that push to work toward their health goals while they’re getting information helpful for them for years down the road,” she said.

Noom users can get a free two-week trial. After the two week trial, it is a subscription-based app with additional features for additional fees.

“Our whole mentality is, ‘lose the weight for good,’ so what we’re getting to is supporting people with healthy habits for the rest of their life,” says Turo.

Watch the video here!