Healthy Weight Program Review: Mind On Nutrition

by | Nov 7, 2016

Monica from Mind On Nutrition is a registered dietitian and blogger who is passionate about helping eliminate the confusion that people feel when trying to make a healthy lifestyle change. Like Noom, she’s on a mission to help make healthy living as simple as possible!

A few weeks ago, Monica had the opportunity to try out Noom’s new Healthy Weight Course! Here’s a snapshot of what she thought:

Time, cost, and convenience are common barriers to living healthier but mobile health-apps like Noom might just be the answer to all three.

The three-pronged approach to a healthier lifestyle includes three critical strategies: nutrition therapy, planned exercise beyond everyday activities, and working with a qualified health care professional like a Registered Dietitian (RD or RDN), Registered Nurse, or Psychologist. Guidance and evidence-based information provides lasting improvements to those managing their weight or diabetes.

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Sound like a course for you? Click here to learn more about Noom’s Healthy Weight course!