Lalymom – Beyond the Trial: The Pros & Cons of the Noom Weight Loss App

by | Oct 15, 2018

Hi I’m Laura, a stay at home mom to two school aged kids.

You can’t tell, but in that picture on the left, my jeans are unbuttoned and being held up by my belt, tightly fastened on the last hole.

That’s me on the right, after completing Noom.

Hey- Did I ever tell you guys about that time I actually lost weight during the holidays?!

True Story. It Happened.

Here’s the quick version.

The past several years I saw a trend in my life, starting about a week before Halloween. The first crinkle of a fun size Snickers would ring in my ears like a starting pistol.

The days and weeks that followed would see me gobbling up everything in sight, like I was Ms. Pacman and ALL THE FOOD was my power pellets. “It’s the holidays, it only happens once a year” became a daily mantra. It was ridiculous.

Can you relate to my Halloween candy weakness? You’d think by now we’d know better. 

The crazy thing is that I am a Fitbit fanatic. I’d hit my step goal, and even with that, I would gain weight every year over the holidays because of “the Pacman effect.”

It’s because I was only paying attention to one side of the equation. I was getting my steps every single day, but I was completely ignoring my eating. You can’t just do one without the other.

Well right around my birthday in September, I realized I was one pound away from being the heaviest I’ve ever been. I knew what that mean if I continued on my normal path.

I decided to try a new weight loss program called Noom. It’s a paid app and, while it wasn’t perfect, it was different from any other weight loss program or product out there.

I know it seems crazy to start a weight loss program heading into the holidays, but given my previous actions and results, I decided that I’d be crazy NOT to.

Let’s take a look at the features, how it works, my review of the app, and I’ll reveal my results…