Men’s Journal: Lose Weight, Eat Smarter, Live Better with Noom

by | Jul 11, 2019

Are you trying to lose weight? It seems like everyone is these days. But the fact is, being overweight isn’t really the problem; it’s the symptom. Of course, excess fat can lead to physical issues. But more importantly, the extra weight that many of us carry is the result of a larger issue, and is often psychological. Of course we should eat less, and exercise more. But we can’t.

Why? What’s keeping us from shedding those extra pounds? How come every time we lose some weight, it comes right back on? Why can’t we get off the couch? Why can’t we stop snacking between meals?

Noom can help you answer these questions. More than a simple weight-loss program, Noom is a complete lifestyle management system, a behavioral health program—both mental and physical—that pinpoints the issues that cause you to put on pounds.

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