Noom Is the Diet Taking Over Instagram, but Does It Work?

by | Sep 10, 2018

I’m a nutritionist, and I tried the Noom diet app for two weeks—here’s what I thought.

Have ads for something called “Noom” been popping up in your social media feed? At first I thought it might be a genetic testing kit, but it turns out Noom is a weight-loss app—one that’s got an estimated 45 million active users, a pretty significant number considering there are over 20,0000 weight-loss apps available. So what is Noom getting right, or doing differently, to stand out in the sea of weight loss apps? I decided to try it out to learn more.

What Is Noom?

Noom describes itself as a program to “help you live a healthier life by helping you create better habits,” and the app is designed to be your personal weight loss coach. Noom says its users have an “average weight loss of 18 pounds in 16 weeks”—a healthy weight loss rate that suggested that it could have more substance than the average diet app. It’s also referred to by many as “Weight Watchers for Millennials”—a pretty big statement considering Weight Watchers’ (WW) huge following and solid, science-based design. I was excited to check Noom out, yet highly doubtful that an app could really be effective.

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