Study: Fitness Trackers Don’t Help with Long-Term Weight Loss

by | Oct 4, 2016

One in six Americans wears fitness trackers or other devices on regular basis to help them manage their weight, according to Forrester Research.

A recent medical study shows that people are actually wasting their money. The apps on your smartphone do a better job in terms of measuring your steps and your calories. Consumers who didn’t wear a fitness tracker actually lost more weight than those who did wear the device.

But wearable devices not work when it comes to managing weight over the long-term. The author of a new weight study published in the British Medical Journal says they are missing a crucial connection with the brain – changing the mind leads to better results.

People seem to have become obsessed with wearable fitness technology, “because they think it’s a quick fix,” Dr. Andreas Michaelides, practicing psychologist and chief of psychology at Noom, says. “They think they feel better because they pay money for the service and think it will substitute hard work.” It doesn’t work that way. A person buying a fancy book won’t learn the material he or she actually reads the book. Continued.