Success Story: Shakila

by | Dec 15, 2016

Back in 2014, Shakila was on a mission to lose weight. She downloaded Noom, began tracking her food and activity, and before she knew it, she had lost 20 pounds. Unfortunately, life happened, and over time, she lost motivation and gained the weight back. Two months ago, Shakila felt like she was in the right place to take control of her health — for good.

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I knew that if I wanted to keep the weight off this time, I had to learn this before starting my program.”

Shakila decided to join Noom’s Healthy Weight course to learn more about what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. She also knew that having a dedicated health coach and group of peers could help her stay motivated when the going got tough.

“I knew that having the support of a coach and a group of people in a similar situation could help keep me going this time around.”

Just 8 weeks into Noom’s Healthy Weight course, Shakila is back down 20 pounds and more motivated than ever!

“I love it. Every day I’m making small changes and finding healthier alternatives!”

With the help of the articles and challenges she receives every day, she has learned so many new things about nutrition and the foods she is putting in her body. Most recently, she learned how to read a nutrition facts label.

“In the past I would eat an entire bag of chips thinking that it was only 160 calories. Little did I know, there were over 1000. I had no idea I was reading [the label] wrong — but now, I know better!”

Not only has Shakila acquired the knowledge she needs to make a change, but she’s been able to identify and overcome the mental and emotional barriers standing in her way. She identified that she would turn to food during times of stress. Together with Coach Jack, she has come up with other ways to channel her emotions, like taking a time out and going for a walk or relieving her stress at the gym. With the support of her group, she’s also been able to share and work to overcome issues with self-esteem and confidence.

“I’ve had issues with self-esteem in the past. I opened up to my group about it and it’s helped me and them. We’re in this together and I want people to learn they are worthy of being healthy and happy — like I have!

Congratulations on your amazing success, Shakila! We look forward to continuing to follow your journey to better health.

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