Healthy Weight Program Review: Cait’s Plate

by | Dec 6, 2016

Cait from Cait’s Plate is a registered dietitian and blogger who is passionate about leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She believes that a balanced lifestyle is the healthiest lifestyle, and that there’s not one definition of this. She believes in taking what a person’s most passionate about and finding a way to make that apart of an overall healthy way of life, just like Noom does!

A few weeks ago, Cait had the chance to try out Noom’s new Healthy Weight Course! Here’s a snippet of what she thought:

“I especially wanted to highlight some of my favorite features.  As a professional in the nutrition field there are certain things you hear from clients all the time about meal tracking programs and I think Noom has done an amazing job of tackling some of these things, making it much easier to stick with it!

First and foremost, Noom offers a personal coach.  Someone that will be there for your to discuss weight plateaus, meal ruts or just ask any questions you might have on your path to trying to achieve a healthy weight and live a healthier life.

I also love that the goals they set are easy and manageable – like swapping a non-fruit or veggie snack out for one with a fruit or veggie, or trying to cook at home more versus relying on takeout. These are simple, healthful changes that any average person trying to improve their overall health and maintain or achieve a healthy weight can benefit from.  You’re not being asked you to cut out full food groups or make drastic changes that are far outside what works for you.  Rather they offer doable, realistic and small changes.

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Sound like a course for you? Click here to learn more about Noom’s Healthy Weight course!