The Kpop Weight Loss Plan: Should you Diet Like a Pop Star?

by | Apr 4, 2019

Celebrities and pop stars alike are known for their impressive physiques, intense workout routines, and disciplined diets. As individuals who are consistently in the spotlight, part of their job is to give a certain appearance of fitness and health. The diets they follow promise rapid results and are said to be easy to follow! Although they offer fast results, are these diets safe or sustainable? Let’s dive into a few popstar diets and see why it is so important to ensure any weight loss or wellness plan you start is grounded in science and not simply a quick fix!

The Kpop Weight Loss Plan is not a quick fix

A majority of the diets that celebrities and pop stars tend to follow could be classified as crash diets. Crash diets often boast a quick fix and tend to lack a scientific basis or research. Tell tale signs of crash diets include extreme caloric restriction, the promise of quick weight loss, or restriction of certain foods or meals. Although these diets may lead to weight loss, they are dangerous and the opposite of sustainable. They lack nutrition research and typically lead to a restriction in necessary components of a healthy balanced diet. Much like business, if a diet promises results that seem too good to be true, they probably are.

Some Kpop Weight Loss Plan Examples

We surveyed some popular pop star diets, and here are some of the approaches we found:

  • Morning banana diet: Eat one banana in the morning with a glass of room temperature water, and then eat normal the rest of the day.  In this diet, bananas do not have magic weight loss powers but instead are limiting calories at breakfast! Restricting calories heavily in the morning can lead to increased appetite and the likelihood of overeating at other meals.
  • Copenhagen diet: On the more extreme side of pop star diets, the Copenhagen diet promises a crazy 22 pound weight loss within just two weeks. How is this done? By extreme caloric restriction. This diet averages about 600 calories per day and throws balance out the window, which can cause quick weight loss but dangerous metabolic side-effects.
  • Mono diet: Made popular through social media this diet has followers eat one food for every meal. This is extremely dangerous as followers will not be able to get the necessary vitamins, minerals, or macronutrients necessary for healthy and sustainable weight loss. It can also contribute to disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food.
Kpop Weight Loss Plans vs. Actual Science

What does the Noom program and all of these pop star diets have in common? Well, nothing… Noom is not a diet but a lifestyle program backed by scientific research and data. Our aim at Noom is to help you find the most sustainable approach to eating, exercise, and overall healthy habits! This is done through logging, self-reflection, and motivation from a personal goal specialist. We do not promise unrealistic results and will never tell you to cut out certain meals or foods. Through the Noom program you will find what works best for you and we believe if you can’t stick with something for the rest of your life, you shouldn’t do it!

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Author: Nicholas Gregory, MA