This App Will Help You Lose Weight, Even If You’ve Tried Everything

by | Sep 17, 2018

If you’ve ever tried to drop a few pounds, you know it’s a bigger deal than a number written on a piece of paper. In most cases, it requires an entire lifestyle change, which reaches deep into your psyche on par with Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. One minute you’re meal-prepping like a pro, the next you’re questioning whether tomatoes are going to cure you of cancer or kill you, debating if cavemen ate coconut flour, and wondering if your living room has always looked like it fell out of a kaleidoscope.

We get what a struggle losing weight can be, and we want a solution that gets it too, which is why we decided to try Noom.

What’s Noom?

Noom is a four-month weight-loss program and app designed for people who’ve tried everything in the book and want something that actually works (so basically anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight). The commitment required is pretty big, but so is your goal to lose weight, right?

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