These Are the U.S. Cities and States That Will Have a Hard Time Sticking to Their New Year’s Weight Resolution

by | Dec 23, 2016

The new year is just around the corner, and it’s the time when people plan their weight loss resolution.

But data analyzed by the digital weight loss coach Noom, has identified the U.S. cities that will statistically fail with New Year’s weight goals.

The data, analyzed by scientists, nutritionists and Noom, comes from more than 20 million people across the country that log in their daily meals, workouts and calorie intake. The data gives researchers an insight on which parts of the population will have a hard time sticking to their weight goals, which includes having difficulty changing their eating and exercise habits based on their daily diet and body mass index (BMI).

“Change is very hard,” said Noom’s Mona Giambruno, “It’s difficult, it’s a process, it takes time.”

Noom is a digital health platform with human coaching via its mobile app that helps people with weight loss, diabetes management, hypertension management, lifestyle factors and changes in their intake behaviors. Noom uses color codes to identify good and bad foods. For example, Noom’s red category includes foods that are the most calorie dense, such as red meat, ice cream, cake, nuts, etc.

“The red, yellow, green system is helping people be more aware of what they’re eating,” said Giambruno. “There’s good news there for sure.”

In the New Year’s Resolution data analysis, scientists, nutritionists and Noom identified which states are eating the most red foods. They found that Arkansas and North Dakota are the two states that eat the most caloric dense food in the country, with about 38 percent of their diet involving red foods.