Noom for Apple Watch

Clare Lanaux

We’re excited to announce that Noom for Apple Watch is out! This project presented us with a unique challenge and the opportunity to take advantage of the innovative design of Apple Watch. Curious to see how our process went? Read on!



How did we get here?
To design Noom for Apple Watch, we assembled a small team of engineers and designers who were presented with an interesting question: What are the most meaningful parts of Noom and how can they be adapted to a smaller design? The physical aspect of Apple Watch (i.e. it’s always on your wrist) inherently changes the way people interact with apps. We wanted to figure out how to leverage the “always-on” nature of the Apple Watch to give our users the best of Noom right on their wrist.

In the end, we chose two aspects of Noom to highlight with Apple Watch. First, we adapted Noom’s color breakdown — a feature that allows you to see how your food choices break down by calorie density. This tool appears in the Glance feature of Apple Watch in order to give users the most relevant view of the app. Having this feature only a finger-tap away lets you instantly see how you’ve been eating during a certain day and whether you can afford to indulge on that chocolate chip cookie or not.

The second feature we chose to include is a brand new Noom Groups feature created specifically for Apple Watch. In an in-person group, it takes only a glance at someone to see how they’re feeling — happy, sad, discouraged — and you can immediately react by giving them a high-five, hug, or simply an understanding glance. In order to recreate that intimacy, we designed a feature that allows you to select from from a set of pre-written messages, ranging from feelings of self-doubt to elation. With only a finger tap you can send the message of your choice to your group’s feed, adding speed and convenience to group messaging and allowing for immediate, real-time exchanges. This gives you one more way to stay accountable to your goals while encouraging those who may have faltered.

The potential for Apple Watch is vast. Given its compact size and physical location, Apple Watch allows for quick and easy use of your favorite apps and their most important features. We can’t wait for you, our Noomers, to begin interacting with Noom for Apple Watch and experiencing this easier and more convenient way to track your food and interact with your group.

Noom for Apple Watch is available on the App Store. Download it here.

3 thoughts on “Noom for Apple Watch”

  1. of course, why bother to build it for Android Wear?

  2. Robert John Hebert says:

    I’ve used Samsung products for years… Galaxy Notes 3, 4 and 5, and Gear, Gear 2, Gear S, and on Nov 6th Gear S2 smartphone/watches. Samsung’s “S Health” rivals and even excels Noom in many ways, and not in others. They are complimentary. That’s why I use both. Samsung’s products are actually superior to Apple’s, that’s why I use them. I want Noom to create an app for Samsung phones and smartphone/watches that communicates with S Health so I don’t have to reenter data. Right now my weight is the only data-point of cooperation.

    I also use NordicTrack treadmill and other smart Internet connected devices through iFit program. Communication there would be helpful.

    I tried Stanford’s CareZone app… A really great method of tracking prescriptions and health parameters not covered anywhere else. Cooperation here is essential if you are looking towards the future.

    I believe increased support for Android applications and wearables by Noom is an imperative.

  3. SL0MAR says:

    Gear S2 rotating bezel is perfect for Dial a Meal style calorie logging. S-Health only logs water and coffee. As for exercise, the S-health run tracking is problematic as it only updates every 5 to 10 seconds. Noom’s accurate option of 1 second GPS positioning would be a helpful addition to the watch. Noom articles would also be nice to read while being stuck in a meeting. As it is now, I run Noom from my phone then enter my weight in S-Health. Noom’s weight history display is superior, but would be nice to dial into the watch as well.

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