Virtual health coach companies are everywhere. Noom is different.

by | Feb 7, 2019

Over the years we have witnessed the relationship between healthcare and technology evolve and change. Now it seems like they are almost one in the same…they’re 2 peas in a pod! The rise of virtual outlets has opened so many doors, especially for health coaching. This has increased accessibility to programming and helped thousands work towards better health. While all this sounds great, not all companies are the same. Noom is one such company that makes a point to stand out, but how is it different from other companies out there?

Individualization: Virtual health coach companies vs. Noom

No two people on this earth are alike…not even identical twins are exactly the same! We all have different wants, needs, goals, personalities, struggles…the list goes on. The idea of customizing and individualizing a health program is HUGE! Not everyone needs the same things in a program and Noom has taken that to heart. Coaches work with app users on a personal level to help each one in their unique journey. Research has found that when an individualized approach such as this s coupled with education, support, and frequent follow-up a participant is more likely to see success in their journey to better health. Noom’s coaches also take a more holistic approach to their interactions with each individual because they understand that the factors that influence our habits is sometimes more important than the habit itself.

Why is this so different you may ask? Well, it’s a strategy that has been found to be important for building self-efficacy and confidence towards healthy behaviors. If you know the WHY behind the WHAT you may be more likely to see lasting, life long behavior change. Simply put, a one-size fits all method, just isn’t going to cut it and Noom has reshaped concepts of traditional programming to make it work for all walks of life.

Community: Virtual health coach companies vs. Noom

Creating a sense of community can be important for any type of program, so how does Noom do it in a digital setting? Connecting with peers, feeling understood in your health journey and the challenges that life brings, brainstorming ideas make for great conversation in a group setting but it has also been shown to be effective in programming and influence the likelihood of succeeding. Noom users are placed in groups that offer exactly this. The groups are facilitated by a coach and include thought provoking posts, fun wellness challenges, and an outlet for encouragement. Noom is here to let you know that this you’re definitely NOT in this alone. Along with this Noomers can share their successes to keep spirits high and motivation flowing.

Staying connected to your Noom community is another way Noom is different. Some virtual companies may offer something similar to what we already went over but program participants may only have limited access to meetings or only be able to connect with others at certain times when the facilitator has the chat open. With Noom you have access to your group and community 24/7, 365! Noom’s other outlets allow for creating a community and connecting outside of the app as well. You can follow us on Instagram, read our blog, and like us on en Facebook!

Mindset over Meals: Virtual health coach companies vs. Noom

This may be the biggest difference yet. Mindset over meals. For a weight loss program this may sound backwards but, in fact, it’s just the opposite. Changing your habits starts with your mindset. There’s actually a theory that explains this that has been around since way before the #NoomNerds were a team. Changing your habits starts with your thoughts and mindest. Noom’s curriculum and coaching strategies focus on the psychology surrounding the process of losing weight and creating sustainable healthy habits, because often times this process is just as mental as it is physical. If you’ve ever had that internal argument with yourself about whether or not you “need” another serving of dessert at a dinner with friends, you know what we’re talking about here. Noom’s curriculum includes many psychological principles to help you work through your meals, exercise, stress, emotions, and yes…social situations on a cognitive level to help you change your habits and lose weight.

Noom understand that our habits are a driving force in our days and modifying them takes time, practice, and a little trial and error. There are so many psychological factors at play in this process that it can feel overwhelming to do something like this on your own. Basically what it comes down to is that Noom treats weight loss as a journey and a lifestyle change, not a diet. Why is this a big deal for mindset? This plays a role in how we view ourselves, our progress, and the process as a whole. Taking real life into account can help when it comes to bouncing back from a vacation, birthday party, or a dinner out.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it’s important to understand that not all virtual health coach companies are the same. They all have some similarities but sometimes there are major differences. Noom stands out from the crowd in a the sense that it offers a great deal of individualization, provides a larger community feel for support, and focuses on the psychology behind your health journey in an evidence-based curriculum.  


Author: Amanda Cofer, MPH