Weight Loss Apps: Why They Don’t Work (And One that Actually Does)

by | Jul 8, 2019

There are dozens of weight loss and fitness apps competing for your attention daily through marketing emails, Instagram and Facebook ads, radio and TV commercials, etc. Some are free and some are subscription based. Some are old-fashioned weight loss businesses that are revamping themselves by going mobile. 

All the top contenders offer something interesting to help people lose weight – but only one really has everything you need to lose weight effectively and long term without dieting.  

What most diet apps have in common

Happy Scale, Lose it!, Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, and My Diet Coach are all apps that offer different gimmicky approaches to losing weight but they all have a few common denominators. 

For one, they’re all still using ‘dieting’ as the default mindset for weight loss. They also lack customizable services and personalized coaching for individual members. And none have successful track records for helping their customers keep weight off long term. 

Whether intentional or not, these issues contribute to the yo-yo dieting epidemic. It solves nothing for people seeking to lose weight, and leaves them on an endless quest of trial and error.   

Why Noom is different

Managing bits and pieces of your weight loss journey through multiple apps and programs can be overwhelming. You could be calorie counting with one app, taking fitness advice from another, and getting recommendations for meal plans from yet another. This dynamic can lead to frustration and ultimately more weight gain from the added stress and inaccurate mix of advice. 

Noom is different. Our app brings tracking, meal plans, fitness, support, and goal setting all under one program. We also employ a team of experts who work together to make healthy weight management a reality. 

Adapting to your lifestyle

With the Noom app, you don’t have to fit your life to a gimmicky platform or interface (much less several that don’t work well together). It’s a one-stop-shop that adapts to you and your weight loss needs. Noom meets you where you are, and combines the most advanced techniques with scientific rigor. 

From a foundation of psychological expertise and scientific understanding of nutrition and wellness, we help you make proactive and rewarding lifestyle choices that result in you taking off your unwanted weight. 

Simplify your efforts

You’ve probably already experienced some of the risk involved in going it alone with multiple services: loss of motivation, disjointed meal and fitness tracking, and conflicting advice coming at you from all angles. It’s a lot to keep up with and leads to discouragement and failure a lot of the time. 

With Noom, you get a single application that supports all of your weight loss needs, comes with a built-in community of fellow Noomers working toward weight loss goals just like yours, and tons of resources to enhance your weight loss success.  

Noom is not a diet

Because Noom was developed by psychologists and top credentialed dietitians, it offers a more advanced weight loss solution that doesn’t require dieting. By focusing on behavior change and small wins through goal setting, Noom is more successful than other apps for keeping weight off long term. 

Noom adapts to your lifestyle and goals instead of the other way around. It offers a sophisticated platform that supports you through the hard work of losing weight and making lasting change.

How free weight Loss apps cost you more

Weight loss apps may offer you piecemeal services that cost you nothing in the short term. But ‘free’ doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best value in the long run. It’s easy to blame yourself after trying to lose weight alone and being unsuccessful – but the fact is, these apps just aren’t complete solutions. 

They may offer useful tools, but they don’t provide everything you need in one place. In addition, they’re all competing with each other for your attention and have different motivations for keeping you engaged as a user. 

Noom isn’t free, but the recommended four month subscription is affordable and has a high success rate with psychological benefits that outlast most weight loss success stories. Once the weight is gone and you’re confident you’ve developed new, sustainable lifelong habits, we send you off to manage ‘the Noom you’ on your own.

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