What to know about the Noom diet

by | Mar 6, 2019

Maria Tripodis, founder of Miami-based Rebel Nutrition, is a proponent of the diet because she says Noom addresses not only the eating aspect of dieting, “but also, more importantly, the mental and emotional barriers to healthy eating.”

Although Noom was a most-searched 2018 diet, according to health.com, its intentions are not unlike many trendy diets: It aims to “foster healthier habits and shed weight long term.” Health.com explains a slight distinction involves registered dietician nutritionist-designed eating plans that are color-focused: green foods are “go” foods, yellow means slow down and red warns to “whoa,” or eat only occasionally as a treat.

Some other specifics regarding Noom, shares health.com:

1. No foods are banned.

2. Green-labeled nutrient-dense foods are encouraged.

3. Yellow-labeled proteins and starches are minimized.

4. Red-labeled “fun” foods — pizza, candy, alcohol — are discouraged, except occasionally.

5. Membership required through noom.com to get all the bells and whistles, such as meal-logging capabilities, exercise plans and help from a personal health coach. FYI: Noom.com details cannot be accessed until completing a free 30-second evaluation.

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