Coaching at Noom

Remote Coach Intro

As a Noom coach you'll help clients develop a healthy lifestyle as well as play an integral role on the coaching team #teamworkisdreamwork. We are a hard working and fun-loving bunch always looking for ways to step up our game, help our fellow peers and contribute to the growth and development of a company we love! You’ll be part of an ever-changing environment, which our team is constantly working to shape, create and improve together. When you're a Noomer, you are more than just an employee, you are an essential piece of the Noom pie (yum).

A Day in the Life in the Noomily

At Noom, you’ll work in a laid back culture (lots of laughs, and definitely some cheesy jokes), and a relaxed environment (heck, you’ll be working from home. Or a coffee shop. Or your best friend’s house), while contributing to growing something amazing. We work hard, whether that means helping a client overcome barriers on their health journey, or searching the perfect gif to share with your co-workers, and we value a great work-life balance. There’s room to grow, and always something to smile about here at Noom.

Your new office:
your house

You may be working remotely, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. At Noom, you’ll meet and connect with some of the brightest, funniest, nerdiest, and all around best people you can imagine. We’re a family here at Noom, and everyone is quick to lend a hand, answer a question, or share a laugh. There’s plenty of facetime during weekly meetings, and time to socialize during after-work virtual meet-ups.

Want to join our amazing team?

Sure do!