Preventing type 2 diabetes starts with the brain.


Joining Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program is a life-changing opportunity that can help you reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes through improving eating habits, physical activity, stress management, emotional eating, sleep hygiene, and other areas that may affect your health.


Did you know that losing 5% of your body weight can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 58%? Whether you’re aiming to hit that 5% or lose even more by focusing on other health behaviors, we’re here to help.



A more personal, personal coach.

Every time you use the Noom app, your information is automatically shared with your own personal Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) coach so that they can continuously monitor your progress. Your DPP coach will be able to see how you are doing and can help you find healthier options, balancing your eating plan with food that’s not only helpful for diabetes prevention, but food that you’ll actually enjoy.

Meet Noom’s Diabetes Prevention Program coaches.

Our coaches know better than anyone that losing weight is more than a physical process — it’s a mental process, too. Your coach will be your partner on this path; motivating you to stay on the right track when things get tough, but also celebrating your wins.

Coach Ann

DPP Goal Specialist

“What I love about being a DPP coach is helping people find their power within themselves. They have the answers they just need help in finding the best pathway for them. It’s such a pleasure to see people change into the person they always wanted to be!”

Coach Alexa

DPP Goal Specialist

“As a DPP Coach at Noom, I really enjoy helping our users find their inner power to transform them into the healthiest and best versions of themselves.”

Coach Jenn

DPP Goal Specialist

“What I love about being a DPP coach is seeeing those “aha” moments…when everything clicks and their goals/habits become natural.”

A program for long-lasting success.

Over the course of one year, you’ll gradually learn the healthy living habits you’ll need to help prevent type 2 diabetes. Your program is broken into two critical periods:


You will focus on nutrition and physical activity fundamentals while communicating with your coach and group at least once per week.



You’ll focus on more in-depth behavioral topics such as stress, sleep, and emotional eating. Based on your needs, you’ll continue to have the support of your coach while you work with your group to get through challenges and cheer each other on.


Noom believes a healthy weight starts with a healthy mind. During the yearlong program, you’ll work through four stages of learning how to change your behavior.

First Stage


The first step in creating healthy habits is understanding where you’re at in your process. We’ll carefully monitor your routine and teach you the basics of healthy nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep. Then, you’ll better understand which changes you should focus on.

Second Stage


Now that you have a clear picture of your current habits, you can move forward with making some changes. Our Noom Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle coaches will help you to develop defined goals, outline clear ways to reach them, and motivate and support you to help you overcome potential barriers.

Third Stage

Advanced Learning

You’re putting what you’ve learned into practice and we’ll work with you to solidify your routine. Whether it’s a new physical activity or a more effective way to deal with stress, your new health habits will become second nature.

Fourth Stage


After learning how to confront all of your possible barriers, you’ll be ready for reinforcements. In this final step, you’ll learn how to conquer your habits in the long-term and you’ll be equipped to face each obstacle with knowledge and confidence.

Staying connected means staying successful.

When you’re trying to live a healthy life, things like work, obligations, family, and a million other things tend to get in the way. We understand that struggle and work to support you throughout your journey by staying super connected. So, even if you stray from your path, we’ll help you find your way back. Here’s how:

Easy-to-follow tasks
Noom gives you a simple plan to follow. You’ll start each day with a customized list of steps to get you closer to your goal.
Monitoring your progress
Noom’s state-of-the-art technology, predictive algorithms, and intuitive food portions allow you to easily log what you eat throughout the day.
Inspiring Feedback

Whatever your progress may look like, you’ll always receive the supportive and constructive feedback you need to stay on course or return to your program.

Individualized Support

At Noom, you can count on support from your coach every step of the way. You’ll also be supported by—and have the opportunity to support—the people in your group who are embarking on a similar journey.

Hear what DPP graduates have to say.

The first step to creating healthy habits is understanding where you’re at in your process. We will carefully monitor your routine and teach you the basics in healthy nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep. This will help you understand which changes you should focus on.

“When my doctor said I was prediabetic, I didn’t know where to turn first. My Noom coaches and group helped me find my feet again and now I feel like a new person!”

Juan | New York, NY

“The people in my DPP group understand what I’m going through better than my friends and family in real life. They keep me motivated and on track.”

Jaclyn | Milwaukee, WI

“I knew that I needed to make a change in my life or I would become another person in my family with type 2 diabetes… Noom gave me the confidence to make that change.”

Torrey | Baltimore, MD

Working together towards success.

Our Diabetes Prevention Program will help you transform your thoughts into healthy thoughts and your actions into healthy actions.

  • Practice and develop habits focused on diabetes prevention
  • Work with a trained lifestyle coach who teaches the Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Lean on a support group with peers who are also preventing diabetes
  • Track your intake in our easy-to-use food log
  • Participate in challenges that allow you to practice what you’ve learned

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