Noom Review: The Mad Mommy

Noom is a wellness program that is designed to help you reprogram your thinking about health and help you on your path to lead a healthier life. So, what is Noom? Noom is a program, that was designed by the Noom Nerds. What Noom isn’t, is your average dieting program.

What is Noom and how can it help you?

Noom is a weight loss program that not only focuses on the foods we are putting into our body, but focuses on the mental part of our body as well. With most weight loss apps, you log your food, get your calorie totals, log your workouts and then, you wonder why you are logging anything at all. Am I right? Well, with Noom, there isn’t just mindless logging. It is a mindful experience.

Like I said before, the thing that makes Noom different, is the way it works. It focuses on us as a whole person, instead of what we toss into our mouths. They look at the bigger picture, help you see the bigger picture and, you don’t have to do it alone!

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