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LalyMom: Nutritionist or Diet App- Which is Better?

These days it’s hard to make it through my day without running into someone in my life who is trying to lose weight.

My best friend and my husband have both done the keto diet plan in the past, with complete opposite results.

I have a long time friend who is a WW Lifer , having found her perfect match with their meetings and points system.

And I happen to fortunate enough to have met with a nutritionist year ago when I was getting down to a healthy weight before my pregnancy.

Registered Dietician VS Nutritionist?

When I signed up to work with my nutritionist, I started by researching nutritionists near me and comparing their credentials- honestly it is pretty confusing and I was unsure of what title I really wanted to look for. Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist- I know they both work in promoting health but which is best?

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