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Noom Review: To the Motherhood

With diseases like diabetes and heart disease being an issue on both sides of the family, the future of my health has increasingly become a concern. This time I’m more determined than ever to lose weight! My goal is to lose at least 30 lbs. Getting to a healthier size can help me there for my family for years to come. For the next few months I’ll be using Noom to help my weight loss journey to a new level. What I love about this app is that it isn’t just a calorie counter.

Noom approaches each individual’s weight loss plan from the emotional, mental, physical, and psychological aspects to ensure lasting weight loss. They’ve been featured in Women’s HealthNew York Times, and Forbes, to name a few. Did you know that in just 16 weeks, people using Noom lose an average of 18 pounds? For more than a year, 78 percent keep the weight off. With Noom, you’ll learn how to challenge your thought process, plus overcome your triggers as well as any barriers that are hindering you. More than 45 million people around the world were also helped by Noom to create healthy habits and achieve their health goals.

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