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Pretty Sweet: Keto Diet Postpartum: Is It a Safe Way to Lose the Baby Weight?

You had a baby! Seriously, think about that for a minute. You might not be able to assemble a desk from Ikea, but you just created a brand new human being. That’s really incredible! But, let’s be honest. There’s a part of you that’s just not feeling like, well, you. It’s hard being a new mom, and the messages we see and hear make it even harder to figure out how we should be feeling.

You’re probably in an endless fog of middle of the night feedings and diaper changes. Many women also struggle with more serious issues like stress, pain, and postpartum depression.

To make things worse, you might find yourself on social media, believing that something is wrong with you because those young “influencer” moms (with perfect skin and teeth!) on Instagram all seem to just effortlessly bounce back to 110 pounds after baby number three.

Then, on the other side are the people telling you to embrace your postpartum body, that how you look doesn’t matter, and you should be proud to show off your battle scars of motherhood.

But really, you just want to feel “normal” again…. Like, now.

A big part of that means getting back to your “old,” familiar body. (Like, 30 pounds ago…) As a new mom it might be tempting to use “any means necessary” to achieve that weight loss goal, you have to be smart about it. This is when you you have to think beyond the narrow goal of “fast weight loss” and start thinking about how to drop those pounds in a healthy and sustainable way.

Just about every discussion about fast weight loss right now is going to at least touch on the controversial Ketogenic diet. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Keto diet is all the rage.

So, is the Keto diet a good option postpartum for dropping that baby weight? Is Keto even safe if you’re breastfeeding? Let’s take a quick look at how Keto works, and then decide if it’s a good diet option to lose that baby weight.

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