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Should I Use an Online Weight Loss Coach?

Losing weight is hard. Evidence: The massive industry of products and programs dedicated to weight loss, and the many people who continue to struggle, yo-yo diet, and fluctuate between weights. With the right support, however, sustainable weight loss is absolutely achievable.

But what does the right support look like? Well, it depends. And, of course, weight loss and getting healthy is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Weight loss is first and foremost about food and diet, of course, but also exercise … and behavior patterns. .. and emotions … and community. So whatever type of support you seek should ideally address all of these factors. This is where a weight loss coach comes in. A good weight loss coach will have a wide variety of expertise, meaning that the right one will serve as something of a dietitian, a physical trainer, a therapist, and a supportive friend — all in one. But even among weight loss coaches, there are a lot of options. Online, in-person — where to start? We’re partial to Noom, which offers a weight loss support program that lives in your pocket! Noom is a weight loss and healthy lifestyle program that has a menu of options to help users during their weight loss journey, including a virtual weight loss coach accessible to users at any time! Read on for more about how an online weight loss coach can help you reach your health goals.

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