Cafe Mom: Counting Calories Is More Than Just A Numbers Game – How Noom Can Help

by | Jun 17, 2019

In today’s world, it seems there is near constant scrutiny of women’s bodies. The pressure to be the “right” weight and have the “right” proportions can be exhausting. And, spoiler alert: There is no right way to be a woman! Being healthy means something different for everyone. But many women struggle to find a healthy balance with their weight, health, and how they view themselves. The decision to lose weight is a personal one, and the process is also different for every woman. For many, counting calories can be an effective way to healthily drop some unwanted pounds. But it can also be tedious.

Luckily, in our ever more connected world, there are all manner of online resources for that. One of our favorites is weight loss and wellness program NoomNoom offers a unique, total approach that addresses every aspect of getting healthy. The focus is on sustainable outcomes, which the app helps users achieve through a hands-on, multifaceted approach. Making positive lifestyle changes is about more than just counting calories, but it can be a good place to start. And the on-call (on-tap) experts at Noom help you create a personalized plan that is as unique as you are to help reach your goals, whether they be to lose a significant amount of weight or just get a little healthier.

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