Noom Review: Cristeen Olley

by | May 31, 2019

Watch Cristeen’s Noom Review on YouTube here and read her review below!

Hey there! I am on a new journey. Well, I’ve always been on a weight loss journey but this time I feel like I found something that isn’t just part of losing weight but also helps tremendously with bad habits. Noom’s goal is to help you overcome those bad habits by becoming more aware of them and the expert (which we will get more into a bit) will help you create better ones.

As stated I have tried plenty of weight loss programs but it’s always a yo-yo for me . I gain, I lose, I gain..etc . and I also get bored very easily so I wanted to try something else and I was introduced to Noom. I thought at first “oh no not another weight loss program where they make you pay and you get nothing but recipes. NOPE! It’s nothing like that. Well, you do get recipes but that is not all, you get way more than that. Definitely get more than what you pay for and then some! You ready for my favorites of the app? Let me share!

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