Noom Review: The Mommyhood Chronicles

by | May 2, 2019

More and more parents are starting to focus more on personal health than ever before. More often than not when the topic of losing weight comes up within my circle of friends, it’s less about looking “hot” and more about long-term health for the benefit of an individuals children. I mean, when I’m eating healthier and beefing up my physical activity during the week, sure it’s nice to think about fitting into an old pair of jeans but nothing keeps me motivated quite like thinking about the future of my children. If my health isn’t important to me and I let myself backslide into unhealthy eating habits, cutting out exercise, etc. it’s a very real possibility that I could have a future health crisis that could leave my little ones without their mom.

So, sure it’s nice to think about the benefits for myself in keeping myself fit but mostly my main motivator is my loved ones. Now, I’m not overweight to say the least but of course (insert human nature here) I’ve found myself noticing that there in fact some areas of my body that I’d like to target for slimming down. Add to it that for my age bracket it’ll only get harder to slim down the older I get, and you can see why I’d want to start getting back into fit shape again in addition to being on the lookout for my family’s best interests (having a mama around to love, nurture and guide them).

When I was approached to be a part of the Noom family, it took me less than 5 minutes (just by reading their website/mission statement) to know that I wanted to utilize their services. For my readers who aren’t familiar with Noom Weight Loss plan, I can sum it up by quoting the mission statement that got me, hook, line & sinker:

“We measure success by the number of lives that we have made healthy. We focus on significant, lasting outcomes. Weight loss is just the start. It resonates with most people and is the first step to preventing or improving other chronic and pre-chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Small “non-scale” victories are important; things like gaining confidence and having more energy contribute to a happy, healthy life.”

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