Pretty Sweet: Fitness Trackers Don’t Work: 3 “Steps” to Sustainable Weight Loss

by | Jun 6, 2019

For years there was a buzz of excitement around wearable fitness trackers. Even though that has recently waned a bit for companies like Fitbit, they still shipped out over 13 million units last year.

My wife bought one a few years ago, believing that it would motivate her to take daily jogs and hit her goal of 10k steps a day. For a while it was fun, and she’d often report to me, “yay, I got my ten thousand steps in!” Sometimes that would end up being an excuse for why she could then grecipuiltlessly indulge in dessert or wine, which seemed like a nice reward.

Then, there were the occasional times I’d see her walking around in circles in the kitchen at night because she was “soooo close to getting my 10 thousand steps!”

Yes, literally, and metaphorically, “running in circles.”

But, then about 6 months later she gave up counting steps. It seems her “FitBit phase” ended faster than her “ukulele phase,” and the FitBit now resides in the back of a drawer next to a bunch of pens, rubber bands, and an old iPhone charger.

Apparently my wife was among the majority of people who eventually lose interest, and abandon their fitness trackers completely.

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