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Latino Diabetics Find Help, Motivation & Personal Coaching Via Noom App

Recent studies find that when Spanish-speaking diabetics see a doctor who speaks Spanish, they are more likely to follow the doctor’s advice. The only problem is there’s not enough Spanish-speaking doctors.

A UCLA study found there are 15 Latino doctors per 100,000 Hispanics. But now there’s new help for Spanish-speaking diabetics — a revolutionary multilingual app that brings a Spanish-speaking fitness and lifestyle coach into the hands of everyone who needs to keep their blood sugar levels healthy.

Every diabetic needs to follow a strict regimen of exercise, nutritional eating and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not easy doing it by yourself but the app Noom has documented success, with over 45 million users worldwide, that would make Jenni Craig and Oprah Winfrey (Weight Watchers) tan celosas.

Noom, launched in 2008, is the first fully mobile diabetes prevention program. The minds behind Noom integrated the federal government’s Diabetes Prevention Program curriculum into the app. What makes the app unique is the combination of technology and traditional methods to keep users motivated and accountable.

“The app succeeds by conditioning the mind for long-term weight loss change by instilling mindfulness in the foods and calories that people consume,” said Dr. Tatiana Toro-Ramos, senior academic researcher at Noom Inc.

The program’s modules are delivered digitally from start to finish and consists of two parts: the mobile platform known as the Noom, and a website Lifestyle Coach dashboard where users track their progress, receive coaching and analytics.