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If You’re Keen to Track Your Nutrition, Try the 4 Best Calorie Counting Apps

Alice Head

If you’re searching for the best calorie counting app, first things first, listen up. Whilst tracking your calories can be a good way of gaining an overall perspective of your nutrition, they’re definitely not the be all and end all.

It’s important to bear in mind when counting calories that they don’t take into account whether your food is nutrient dense or rammed full of sugar—you’ve all heard the banana and G&T example—and so can be misleading. You may hit a daily calorie target and in fact, have eaten twice your daily sugar allowance.

Don’t fret – the NHS maintains that calorie counting is still a good overall way to track your food intake and can be an invaluable tool for if you’re trying to lose weight—because when it comes to losing weight, it really can be as simple as input vs. output.

If you have decided that counting calories could work best for you and are eager to download the best calorie counting app, fear not. One flipside of the WH team being health-obsessed is that we know what’s worth giving over valuable phone storage too. Plus, which apps warrant a price tag.

Read on to discover the best free online food journals and calorie counters to help you work out how to lose weight and reach your health goals.

Calorie counting not for you? Why not track your eating habits by focusing on counting macronutrients, cutting down on meat, measuring your salt intake or eating more organic foods, instead.

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