New Study Highlights Noom’s Efficacy for Older Adults

NEW YORK, New York (June 04, 2020) — Noom, the behavior change pioneer harnessing the latest innovations in psychology to help people live healthier lives, announced the release of a new study revealing that age is a predictor of weight in a mobile health intervention.

The findings, published today in the Journal of Medical Internet Research Diabetes , followed 14,767 Noom Healthy Weight (HW) and Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) participants aged 35-85 years old over a 52-week period. The results showed that as age increased by 1 year, weight decreased by 0.12 kg, suggesting that older adults lost more weight over time during the core curriculum (16 weeks) than their younger study counterparts. Participants met the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) standards for healthy weight loss, which state that individuals who lose 5% or more of body weight can benefit from a reduced risk of chronic diseases related to obesity.

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