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Is Mindset More Important Than Food for Weight Loss?

Carolyn Williams, PHD, RD 

January 14, 2019

Two leaders in the weight loss market think the solution is focusing less on food and more on mindset and overall wellness. We investigated to find out if this approach really works.

Changing one’s relationship with food, coping with stress through meditation, and getting adequate sleep have never been the primary focus of any commercial diet program. So it was pretty groundbreaking when the industry leader WW (previously Weight Watchers) announced in September 2018 that it was overhauling its program to provide a more holistic approach to overall health. And WW isn’t the only one. Noom, a popular app that’s been dubbed the “WW for Millennials”, is based on similar principles. Both WW and Noom place drastically less emphasis on body weight and food, unlike their competitors. Instead, their focus is to improve health by using mindset changes, exploring relationships with food, and modifying health behaviors—a pretty significant change from the classic diet approach.

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