How do I gauge my workout intensity?

When adding physical activity to your wellness routine, understanding the intensity of your workout is important. Noom intelligently calculates the number of calories burned based on the workout type and intensity you select — and getting this right can be key to your success. But how? How can you know if that rousing game of badminton you just played was low intensity, or high?

One element that’s important to look at is your perceived exertion. Everyone’s threshold for exercise varies, so it’s important to be mindful of how the workout or other activity you did made you feel. If you got a light sweat going and you’re breathing close to normal, chances are you did a light workout. If you can fill a bucket with that perspiration and worked so hard you can’t even really talk to someone immediately after? We’d call that a high intensity workout. You know your body than anyone, so pay attention to what it’s saying — it’ll let you know how intense your workout is.
Another cue for gauging your workout intensity is right there with you all the time — your heart rate. Studies show that your heart rate very often correlated with your perceived level of exertion. Very high heart rate after your workout means you probably did some intense exercise!

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