How do I log an exercise?

To log an exercise, go to the Home screen and scroll down until you see “Do more” at the bottom of the page. Select “Log exercise.” You will then be able to choose from our ever-expanding library of workout moves and programs!


Let’s use “Running” as an example:

You can specify the distance of your walk, the amount of time your exercise took, and even leave yourself notes. Don’t worry, we calculate the calories burned for you! Other exercises have an “intensity” option as well, so you can tell us the activity level. More intense = greater calorie burn!


Alternatively, you can select “Start Workout”, which tracks your exercise using GPS and Google Maps in real time! Here’s a quick n’ easy guide for how this works =)


1 = You can change the type of exercise to match the type of activity that you perform that day.

2 = This activates the voice output. You can control the volume with the volume buttons on your device.





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