How do I log a custom dish?

Adding your own recipes or dishes to the Noom app is easy with the “Custom dish” feature on iOS. To get your own yummy meals into the app, please do the following:

1. In your list of tasks for the day, tap Log your meals
2. Select the meal type (Breakfast, Lunch, etc.)
3. Tap the steam pot icon
4. Tap Create a new dish
5. Enter the name of the dish
6. Tap Ingredients
7. Search and enter all your ingredients
8. Tap Done at the top right corner
9. On the next screen, you’ll have a list of all the ingredients you chose, along with their amounts. If you’ve noticed you’ve missed something, you can tap Add more items at the bottom.
10. Ensure everything here is correct, and then tap Done in the bottom right corner.
11. Next, you’ll have a screen that includes the name of the dish, how many ingredients it includes, and a field for servings prepared.
12. Slide the ruler to how many servings you prepared
13. Tap the Servings eaten field below it to enter how many servings were eaten
14. Finally, you’ll get to the last screen that just has the name of the dish along with how many servings and calories it has
15. Tap the Done button in the top right corner to save it to your food database

*Please note that if you don’t tap the Done button on the final screen, then your dish will not get saved, and you’ll have to enter everything all over again!

And you’re done! Luckily this is a one-time deal, so next time you’ll be able to add the dish again without entering all the details.

Note: These instructions are only for iOS or iPhone users. This feature is not available for Android.

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