How do I sync Noom with Health app for iPhone or Apple Watch?

Whether you want to sync Noom to your iPhone to carry around with you or your Apple Watch, they both report their data to the Apple Health app, so the steps to sync either to Noom are exactly the same. 

A Connect to the Health app task can be found towards the bottom of your home screen.

Once selected, you will be asked to confirm that you allow Noom to receive data from other Health Apps. Click Yes, let’s go! if you approve.

Once confirmed, Noom will direct you to your Health App settings, the top of this screen will read ‘Health Access’. 

Under ALLOW NOOM TO WRITE DATA, please leave these all disabled as we do not currently support syncing data out of Noom to the Health app.

Under ALLOW NOOM TO READ DATA, we currently only fully support Steps, Weight and Blood Glucose synchronizing from the Health app. Select the ones you want to enable and tap Allow on the top right. 

Active Energy which syncs exercises and Dietary Energy which syncs food nutrients are also available, but we do not officially support them because they cause erroneous data to duplicate inside the Noom app. As a result, we highly suggest leaving them both disabled and enter your exercises and meals in Noom directly by tapping the Track more progress or Log your meals tasks, respectively. 

Next, you’ll be presented with a popup asking if you want your steps from the Health app to be your main step source in Noom, tap Yes

Then, select Health app Steps on the step source screen if you chose to sync your steps into Noom from the Health app.

Finally, tap Back a couple times to get back to the Noom home screen and if you already have steps, weight, or blood glucose entries for today, you will see them populate on the Noom home screen in a few minutes. And that’s it!

Please know that only entries logged directly into the Health app, and not synced in from 3rd-party apps, will sync into Noom. Additionally, only the current day’s data will sync and any past dates will not retroactively sync into Noom. 

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