Does Noom offer credit for referring a friend?

We’re so glad that you’re enjoying Noom and want to bring your friends into the Noomily! We offer a discount to your friends and Amazon credit to you when they sign up and continue past the trial.

How does the referral process work? 

In order for you and your referral to receive credit, you have to send your unique referral link that we provide in-app. To get to this link, open Noom and select ‘Home’ in the upper left corner > select ‘Get $20’ > Share > send to the friend you’d like to refer. They must sign up using this link — otherwise, they (and you) will not receive referral credit.

As long as both of you meet the requirements above, your referral will receive 20% off their Noom subscription when they’re charged after their trial ends and you will see your $20 Amazon credit via your Noom account email after about a month or so.

A few notes:

We’re unable to offer credit to either party if the referral link isn’t used to sign up for a new Noom subscription

We’re unable to manually grant the rewards

iTunes and Google Play subscriptions aren’t eligible for the program

We are not able to offer credit to either party if the referral link isn’t used correctly

Our referral program is only offered in the US, UK, AU, and CA

Thanks again for referring your friends and family to Noom!

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