How do I increase or decrease my calorie budget?

The minimum calorie budget allowed for females is 1200 and males 1400. 

To change your weekly calorie budget on Android you can go to Settings > Weight loss Plan and tap Weekly Weight loss. You should be able to change the range from 0 – 2.2 pounds. The lower the number, the higher your calorie budget.

If you notice that your calorie budget isn’t changing, then this may be correct as it will be the only available budget if your height, weight, age, etc. are such that your BMR calculates to a very low (sub-1200) value, and decreasing the weight loss speed to the lowest value (to reduce the daily calorie deficit, i.e. increase the budget) doesn’t increase the budget enough to exceed 1200. In this case, the new (higher) budget will still be adjusted up to 1200, which is the minimum allowed budget for females.

For more info on how your calorie budget is calculated, check out our FAQ page here.

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