Blood Pressure Cuff Manual


1. Download Noom 

If you haven’t done so already, download the Noom app from the Google Play Store.

2. Unfold the cuff into a loop

When you take the monitor out of the box it will be folded in half. Open the monitor by unfolding the Velcro to create one big loop.

Note: Your blood pressure cuff must be charged for at least an hour out of the box!

BP cuff steps 3 & 4

3. Put the cuff on your arm

Make sure you put your hand through the loop with the blue arrow pointing toward your hand and the red arrow pointing toward your shoulder.

4. Tighten the cuff

Tighten the monitor by pulling on the strap until it’s tight. When you close it with the Velcro, make sure you can still fit two fingertips between the strap and your arm under the red arrow.

Note: The measurement can’t be done on a sleeve, so make sure the monitor is directly on your skin.

Android - Steps 5 & 6

5. Sit down comfortably

Sit down with your feet flat on the floor without crossing your legs.

6. Put your arm on a table

Place your hand in front of you on a table with your palm facing the ceiling.

Android - Steps 7 & 8

7. Tap on Track more progress 

Open the app and tap the Track more progress card at the bottom of the home screen.

8. Take your blood pressure

Tap Take blood pressure.

Android - Step 9

9. If Bluetooth is not turned on…

a) Tap Turn on Bluetooth

b) Then, tap Yes

Android - Step 10

10. Make sure the blue light on the cuff is blinking

a) If not, press and hold the orange button on your cuff for 3 seconds until the blue light is blinking. Then, tap Next.

Pair your cuff with Noom

b) Select Show devices to connect your monitor with Noom.

Android Step 11


11. Select your device

a) Tap your device name (it will begin with “BP5”). It may take a moment to show up on the screen.

Go back

b) Press your phone’s back button (located on the bottom – left or right of your device).

Android - Step 12


12. Double check your cuff

a) Make sure that your cuff is properly positioned on your arm and tap Next.

Follow the tips for getting an accurate reading

b) Tap Start to begin measuring your blood pressure.

13. Your cuff should now inflate

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