How can I cancel my Noom subscription or trial?

You can cancel your subscription or trial on the Noom app or in your subscription portal:

Have the app installed?

Simply go to the Settings on your iOS or Android app and click Manage Subscription:

Your account will be pulled up with an option to cancel your subscription — simply follow the steps.

Don’t have the app?

Log into our subscription portal here with the same credentials you used to create your account. Can’t remember your password? You can easily reset it here.

Once you log into the subscription portal you’ll see an option to cancel right on the main page:

You’ll still get access to all of your subscription features through the end of your billing cycle!

If you cancel while you have an active subscription (post-trial), you’ll still have access to your Goal Specialist group and Noom course until the end of the billing cycle, but your subscription will not auto renew and you will not be charged again.

Signed up in the app?

If you signed up directly in the iOS or Android app, you can manage your subscription in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If no subscription shows, that means your subscription will need to be cancelled as described above.

Looking for a refund?

Learn more about our refund policy here.

Please keep in mind:

Uninstalling the app doesn’t automatically cancel your subscription — you’ll still get charged. So please check your subscription status and cancel either on the app or via our subscription portal.

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