What is a group coach? What is a goal specialist?

Here at Noom, we match you with a team of coaches that will help you make healthy decisions, set goals, reach goals, and deal with any speed bumps along the way. Our coaching focuses on behavior change, which is often the most difficult part of improving your lifestyle (i.e. weight loss or disease management). Throughout your program, your coaches will help you build and master the habits and skills that lead to long-lasting health.

Your team of coaches will consist of a group coach and a goal specialist. Your group coach will be in daily contact with you through the support group (during standard M-F business hours), guiding you through the Noom curriculum. You will have unlimited access to this group throughout the program, and we encourage you to connect with your group members!

Your 1:1 goal specialist will work with you weekly via in-app messaging to support you in your health journey and help you set goals that align with your needs. Your goal specialist will also have insight into your actions in the app – the food and exercise you log, the articles you read, etc. – and can provide personalized support based on your needs and goals.