How do I sync Noom with HealthKit for iPhone?

A “Connect to HealthKit” task can be found towards the bottom of your home screen. Once selected, you will be asked to confirm that you allow Noom to receive data from other Health Apps. Click ‘Yes, let’s go!’ if you approve. Once confirmed, Noom will direct you to your HealthKit settings, the top of this screen will read ‘Health Access’.

Toggle ‘Active Energy’, ‘Dietary Energy’, ‘Steps’, and ‘Weight’ to the ‘on’ position in both the ‘Write Data’ and ‘Read Data’ sections.

***Note: Please keep in mind that Noom is only able to read and write the following data to and from HealthKit: Active Calories, Dietary Calories, Steps and Weight. This means that any other data (micro nutrients, macro nutrients, etc.) will not be synced between Noom and HealthKit.

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